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What Kind of YA Hero Are You?

by Karen Masnica

You’re the hero of your own story, but the real question is: what type of hero are you? Are you the loner, who works better on their own, or are you the reluctant hero, stepping up to make a difference even when you don’t want to? Take this quiz and find out! What Kind of […]

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Affordable Bookish Holiday Gifts That Aren’t Books

by Brian Murray

Overcrowded bookshelves. An endless to-be-read pile. A picky reader. During the holidays, we love to show our bookish friends how much they mean to us, often with yet another book. But sometimes, gifting books year after year can be repetitive. This holiday, spice it up and go for something creative for that special reader in […]

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Must-Read Books That Went Sale in November 2020!

by Annika Voss

It seems like November would never end but suddenly it’s December and we’re looking back all of the amazing books that came out last month. Check out these must-read November books and add them to your TBR asap! Must-Read Books That Went Sale in November 2020! 1. These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong Do you […]

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7 Books That Perfectly Depict the Fake Dating Trope

by Jenny Lu

The only thing better than a perfect fairytale meet-cute is the kind of meet-cute that is not supposed to be a meet-cute at all, when the sparks and the affection are all supposed to be for show—until the sparks start flying for real. The Fake Dating Trope is so powerful because it keeps everyone guessing. […]

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Books That Feature Found Families

by Caroline Osborn

You can’t choose the family you’re born into, but you can find a new one! Found families are a harbor for anyone born into a family that doesn’t understand them, anyone living far away from their families of origin, anyone who doesn’t do nuclear families, and anyone with extra love to give. After all, if […]

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