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Covers That Give Us Heart Eyes

by Nicole Fiorica

We’ve been told since we were kids that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. And maybe that’s true. But I’m the sort of book lover who drags my begrudging friends through a bookstore just so I can pick up my favorite book (that I already own) and shove the cover into their faces and […]

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6 Complicated Female Friendships

by Sam Benson

Everyone who has had a friend knows that things are not always easy. Often times, as we grow and change, so do our relationships. In YA, we see a lot of examples of female friendships that are nuanced and complicated. These books show the ups and downs you can have with your friends instead of […]

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The Cover for the First Book in the New Magnus/Alec Shadowhunters Series Has Been Revealed and It Is Totally Epic


Look alive, Shadowhunters fans! You may have heard of the Eldest Curses, a new series of novels set in Cassandra Clare’s sprawling Shadowhunters universe that focus on a fan-favorite couple: High Warlock Magnus Bane and Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood. Whether this is (very exciting) news to you, or something you’ve been anticipating for a while, we […]

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10 Foreign Covers so Beautiful We Wish We Could Own Them

by Casey Nugent

I absolutely adore beautiful book covers. Good writing is important, but a good cover design can really bring a book to the next level! A fun thing that I’ve noticed is that so many of my favorite books actually have different covers in different countries. There are so many cool, stunning international versions of books […]

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See All The Stars Sweepstakes

by The Riveted Team

It’s time for another sweepstakes! This time we’re giving away early copies of See All The Stars by Kit Frick with signed bookmarks and stickers! This is a thrilling debut novel that you don’t want to miss! See All The Stars follows Ellory after her once inseparable group of friends is torn apart by secrets, […]

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Authors You Need to Follow On Social Media

by Nicole Benevento

Do you ever wonder what your favorite authors do in their free time when they are not writing their next bestselling novel? Or better yet, do you ever wonder what they do when they ARE working on their latest book? Luckily some authors give their fans an opportunity to get to know them a bit […]

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