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Must-Read Books That Came Out in June 2022

by Amy Lavigne

Summer is HERE, and whether you’re visiting the beach, sitting by the pool, or just sitting inside in the AC, you’re bound to need a few new books to add to your summer reading list. From a road trip romance and a visually stunning autobiography, to a thrilling beach read, you’re sure to find something […]

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Quizzes & Polls

Pick Your Fave Anime and Get a Book Rec

by The Riveted Team

From romantic comedies to heart-pounding thrillers, anime and books have it all! Episode after episode, page after page, we all love to binge our favorite genres in any form. Oh? Your favorite anime is over? Take our quiz to find out which book you should read to fill that anime-sized void in your heart! Pick […]

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Summer I Turned Pretty Signed Copy Sweepstakes

by Saleena Nival

Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, now a streaming series! Summer I Turned Pretty Signed Copy Sweepstakes Fill out my online form. Now a streaming series on Prime Video! Belly has an unforgettable summer in this stunning start to the Summer I Turned […]

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Book List

25 LGBTQIA+ Love Stories You Need to Read

by The Riveted Team

We think about romance a lot around here, and are always searching for stories that explore love in all its glory. While these books aren’t all romances at their core, the love story in each of them is wonderful and complex. Here are 25 books with LGBTQ+ love stories you need to add to your […]

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Top 8 Shadowhunters Dads

by Emily Ritter

These Shadowhunter dads are some of the BEST characters in the whole series! Whether they’re adoptive fathers, birth fathers, or both, these dads deserve all the love. Did your fave dad make this list? Beware: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read all the books! Top 8 Shadowhunters Dads 8. Raphael Santiago  Sire to Simon “This […]

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