Top 10 Shadowhunters Villians

January 26, 2022
Emily Ritter

While the heroes and heroines from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters books are among the best of the best, there’s no denying that the Shadowhunters villains are iconic too! Did the villain you most love to hate make this list? Beware: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read all the books!

Top 10 Shadowhunters Villians

10. Annabel Blackthorn: The Dark Artifices

“I am tainted to them—despised, a criminal—”

Lord of Shadows

9. Tatiana Blackthorn: The Infernal Devices, The Last Hours

“This boy, this demon’s spawn, burned my house to the ground! Why else would he do that, save to protect his secret?” 

Chain of Gold 

8. Axel Mortmain: The Infernal Devices

“If you ever even try to escape, I will kill them all. What do you say, Miss Gray? I have been generous, and now I am owed thanks.”

Clockwork Princess

7. Valentine: The Mortal Instruments 

“I have given everything for this cause. My wife. My children. I have not withheld my sons. I have given everything I have for this—everything.”

City of Glass

6. Sebastian: The Mortal Instruments 

“Kill me, little sister. Kill me and you kill Jace, too.”

City of Lost Souls


5. The Seelie Queen: The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices 

The Queen‘s smile was wide and terrible. “What if I told you she could be freed by a kiss?”

City of Ashes

4. Asmodeus: The Eldest Curses, The Mortal Instruments

“Human memories, freely given, are like food to us. Demons live on the cries and agony of the damned in torment. Imagine then, how nice a change of pace a feast of happy memories is. Mixed together, they are delicious, the sour and the sweet.”

City of Heavenly Fire

3. Sammael: The Eldest Curses          

“Ragnor, didn’t we have some good times? Weren’t you looking forward to ruling the world with me? At least a little? Come on, you wanted to a little bit.”

The Lost Book of the White

2. Belial: The Last Hours          

“For are you not my heir, my own flesh and blood?”

Chain of Gold

1. Lilith: The Last Hours, The Mortal Instruments

“There are worse things than death, Shadowhunter.”

City of Fallen Angels

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