The Ultimate Gift Guide for YA Readers

December 14, 2021
Emily Ritter

The holidays are coming up, which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to start getting your friends and family gifts to show your appreciation and love! Here at Riveted by Simon Teen, we have something for everyone – readers, writers, book lovers, that one second cousin you see once a year, you name it! Below are some of our favorite posts that will help you find the perfect gift for anyone in your life – and maybe even something you can pass along that you’d like for yourself!


1. For the person who only reads bestselling books:

Take a look at these best-selling books of 2021! Or this list of award-winning books!

2. For your friend the fantasy lover:

Check out this list of Our Favorite YA Fantasy Books of 2021. 

Want more? Here’s 21 YA Fantasy Books You Need to Read!


3. For the sci-fi fiend:

You’ll need these Must-Read Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books with LGBTQIA+ Characters!


4. For that friend who likes to pile their books on the floor instead of on a shelf:

Help them de-clutter and take a look at The Perfect Bookends to Match Your Reading Nook and The Best Bookshelves to Upgrade Your Reading Space.


5. For the romance lover:

Here are almost 200 romances you will love!


6. For the non-romance lover:

Here are Books about Breakups and Books to Read When You Listen to Adele’s 30.


7. For the artist in your life:

Check out these Gorgeously Illustrated YA Book Covers That We Can’t Stop Staring At.


8. For the movie lovers:

Gift them one the books on our YA Books Being Made Into Movies That You Need to Read ASAP list.

Or pair a book with their:

fave Marvel movie,

fave Vanessa Hudgens movie,

fave Timothée Chalamet, 

or fave Dylan O’Brien!


9. For the TV-lovers (or let’s be honest, streaming show lovers!):

We’ve got books for Ted Lasso lovers, to match with your fave Disney + shows, books for Outer Banks fans, Great British Bake-Off fans, and books to match your fave K-drama!

10. For all the feminists in your life (or just, like, every person you know):

Check out these Must-Read Books for Budding Feminists and Feminist Fantasies You’ll Fall in Love with.


11. For the music lover:

Here are books to read if you love Taylor Swift:

Red (Taylor’s Version)

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)




Books to read if you love Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR.

And books for the Beyoncé fans! 


12. For the Shadowhunters fans:

We’ve got book recs if you love the Mortal Instruments series, the Infernal Devices series, and the Dark Artifices series!

13. For the graphic novel fan:

Check out this list of must-read graphic novels!

14. For that friend who loves spine-tingling chills:

Don’t miss these YA thrillers!

15. And finally, for that person who REALLY wants it to be summer already.

Here are books to take to the beach!


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