Our Favorite Fan Art of Magnus and Alec from the Shadowhunters Books

August 20, 2020
Sam Benson
Riveted Editorial Board

In the 12 years since The Mortal Instruments series and the Shadowhunter world first began, there have been so many wonderful characters that have enriched my life. I will forever have a special spot for Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. From their first meeting to their first kiss, and everything that comes after, I will forever be team Malec!

Now, Alec and Magnus have their own book series and I couldn’t be more excited! The series follows the two as they tour the world after the Mortal War. The newly-repackaged The Red Scrolls of Magic  is here and we’re already counting down the days until The Lost Book of the White comes out in September, so I thought this was the perfect time to share some of my favorite Malec fan art with you! 

Our Favorite Fan Art of Cassandra Clare’s Magnus and Alec from the Shadowhunter Books

Let’s start off with some ADORABLE Malec fanart:

Check out Angel-In-Imagination’s amazing deviantart page for more amazing Malec fan art!

Then, of course some kissing:

We love this picture from walkingnorth! Check out their deviantart page here for more fan art!

Alec and Magnus with the rest of the TMI gang:


SPOILER ALERT HEAD! Quick! Before we continue! If you have not finished the books and don’t wish to be spoiled, stop reading NOW!



Their family:

Gorgeous picture from MagnusRayne! Check out their deviantart page for more here!

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“Bring back brother anna sister anna dinosaur?” ?? – The Land I Lost @cassieclare @sarahreesbrennan . . . Finally posting this piece I did for All That Glitters is Silver- a Malec Zine and the first ever zine I’ve taken part of! Can you tell parenting!Malec is my fave kind of Malec? And just in time for QuAaD too! What are you looking forward to / not ready for in TDA3? Let me know in the comments! Post is also up on my Tumblr and Twitter. And COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!! . . . #magnusbane #aleclightwood #malec #shadowhunters #shadowhunters #clace #sizzy #rafaellightwoodbane #maxlightwoodbane #isabellelightwood #simonlewis #claryfairchild #bookstagram #jaceherondale #art #instaart #digitalart #artgram #artstagram #bookstagrammer #disney #ghostsoftheshadowmarket #harryshumjr #matthewdaddario #illustration #disneyland #saveshadowhunters #queenofairanddarkness #julianblackthorn #emmacarstairs

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Bonus! Just Max and Rafe:

Don’t stop there! Check out the top five fan-favorite Magnus and Alec moments!

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