Our Favorite Infernal Devices Fan Art!

February 12, 2020
Sam Benson
Riveted Editorial Board

We’ve been re-reading The Infernal Devices trilogy to help us get ready for the release of Chain of Gold, which means we couldn’t resist looking at some fan art. The fan art for this series is really incredible because it is set in 1878. The clothes of the time period really make these works of art special and set it apart from the fan art for the rest of the Shadowhunter books. Check ’em out!

Our Favorite Infernal Devices Fan Art!

Starting off strong with this stunning photo of Jem and Tessa.



created by taratjah

Jem and Will fighting side by side is everything. Honestly Tessa is so lucky to have both these men.



created by wasteddreams

LOVE this! So beautiful with London in the background.


Talk about the perfect family portrait.





created by emmilinne

Name a better trio. I’ll wait.



created by thewildestdreams

Oh man! The balcony scene! ?? BRB I have to get myself a glass of water.



created by NicoleCadet

This is so beautiful! Just look a Tessa in this watercolor. ?


created by kara-lija

Can we just talk about how adorable Will and Tessa are?! Totally #couplesgoals.

Looking for more? Check out this amazing Malec fan art!

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