The Best Writing Advice from Authors You Love

September 11, 2018
Jasmine Hodge
Riveted Editorial Board

Like many readers, I have dreams of one day writing and publishing a book. As proven by every writer ever on Twitter and social media, myself included, WRITING IS HARD. A great thing, though, it how supportive, encouraging, and funny some of my favorite authors are when struggling with their own writing woes. Below are some of my favorite pieces of advice!

The Best Writing Advice from Authors You Love

Kiersten White, author of Slayer, knows what’s up when it comes to giving advice that is helpful and encouraging…

…and perfect for when you need a good laugh.

Cindy Pon, author of Want, has this advice for writers, particularly #ownvoices writers, struggling with telling their stories:

“I would say to keep your head down and write what matters to you and speaks to your heart. Put your story and your voice on the page because it truly does matter, and it is needed.”


Morgan Matson, author of Save the Date, shared the best advice she’s ever received and I can’t help but agree.

““You can’t edit a blank page” – meaning that it’s better to write something, even if it’s bad, and just get the words down.”


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It’s good to keep this advice from Andrew Smith, author of Rabbit & Robot, in mind when struggling to tell a story.

“When I write, I don’t imagine an audience because I write to please myself as a reader.”


Jason Reynolds is filled with amazing advice (he wrote a whole speech about it, actually, that you can read in For Every One). Here’s his advice to aspiring writers:

“Excellence is a habit. The way you live your life is the way you approach your novels… If you work to be great at every part of your life, writing a novel will feel natural to you. Excellence can’t be turned on and off.”


Margaret Rogerson, author of An Enchantment of Ravens, shares advice that I’ve learned to embrace as I’ve started writing more (even though it hurts sometimes).

“Don’t be afraid to throw something out and start over.”



And finally, here’s some good advice from Shaun David Hutchinson, author of We Are the Ants:

“Read a shit ton of books. Write a shit ton of pages. Ignore anyone who tells you writing is a fantasy or that you’ll never get published. Like anything else in life, if you want it badly enough you’ll get there.

Also, get a good writing chair and practice good posture. Your 35-year-old back will thank you later.”


Now go get writing!

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