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What Would Your Ideal Bookshelf Look Like?

March 6, 2018
Jess Harold
Riveted Editorial Board

As book lovers, we are always on the hunt for a perfect place to store (and show off) our books. But what kind of bookshelf is right for you? Below are a few options that are thrifty and easy to get your hands on, so every kind of reader can make room for their prized possessions.


Source: amandaonwriting

There’s nothing wrong with a tried and true bookshelf design. No bells, no whistles, no uneven, twisting, turning shelving to distract from what’s really important—the books! This is a great choice for the reader who only keeps their absolute favorites around.



Source: Jess Harold

A shelf that dominates the entire wall is ideal for the person who can’t say no when they walk into a bookstore. You don’t have to kick your habit, and you’ll still have room for your favorite board games! A huge win.



Source: Instructables

Making a bookshelf yourself adds a personal and unique touch to the place where you keep your books. Using anything from repurposed plywood to an old piano (really!), a DIY bookshelf can be a fun weekend project, and a great way to show off how handy you are with a Phillips head screwdriver. Check out this fun way to give old skateboards a second life.


Floating Shelf

Source: Tee Books

Look Ma, no shelves! A floating shelf is another fun way to show off your favorite reads along your walls. And this shelf is extremely versatile. Here are two awesome designs: an asymmetrical floating “T” layout supporting all your books. Put a few of these shelves on your wall to free up space on the floor!


Book cart

Source: Wayfair

Perfect for the aspiring librarian, a book cart keeps you and your favorite books mobile. If you like reorganizing your room and reading nooks, give this cart a spin! 😉

Which of these shelves is your favorite? Or is there a bookshelf you love that I missed?

Once you’ve picked a display, we have the perfect way to help you arrange your books!

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