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7 Reasons to Read the Michael Vey Series

September 12, 2017
Casey Nugent
Riveted Editorial Board

Everyone here at Riveted is super excited for Michael Vey 7: The Final Spark, the final book in the Michael Vey series.  I both love it and hate it when a good series ends — on the one hand it’s so great to see how it all plays out, but on the other I feel a void in my life where excitement for the next book used to be.

But then it occurred to me that there may be those of you out there who’ve yet to dive into the Michael Vey books, and I got excited all over again! For those of you who haven’t had a chance yet, here are seven reasons to read the Michael Vey series. Check out the list, and then check out the series — we have the first book up as a free read this week!

1. It has an awesome supernatural premise

In the first Michael Vey book, Michael — an absolutely average fourteen-year-old — discovers that he has special electric powers. At first Michael is excited to have something unique about him. But then he discovers he’s not alone — a cheerleader named Taylor also has new mysterious powers. Taylor and Michael team up, joined by Michael’s friend Ostin, to discover why this happened — and accidentally attract the attention of a powerful group that wants to control their powers in order to control the world. This series is filled with mystery, conspiracy, and tons of twists and turns!

2. It’s a full-fledged, seven book series

I know duologies and trilogies are all the rage these days, and don’t get me wrong — I love them. But I also love longer-form series. I haven’t read a seven-book series since Harry Potter wrapped up! Michael Vey is perfect for those of you who, like me, like their stories long and twisty.

3. It has a main character with Tourette Syndrome

Before I read Michael Vey, I knew next to nothing about Tourette Syndrome. But Tourette Syndrome can manifest in lots of way, through ticks and facial movements, or through vocalization. Michael’s representation of the syndrome is super accurate because the series is written by Richard Paul Evans, who also has Tourette Syndrome. It’s great to have a main character that represents the syndrome so well, and gives audiences an opportunity to learn more about it.

4. It has a great core friendship

Michael and his friends — dubbed the Electroclan — are an awesome friend group. The Electroclan is made up of people from all different backgrounds. Michael and Ostin are more outcasts than popular, Taylor is a cheerleader, and as the series go on they gain more friends — all of whom are super well-developed characters. I want to be part of the Electroclan too!

5. It has an awesome villain

I love a book with a great villain. Dr. Hatch and the Elgen are super, super creepy. They’re definitely terrifying and compelling enough to get you through the books. Plus, the mystery of what they want and what they plan to do is really compelling!

6. It’s in the same vein as other great YA series, like Maximum Ride and Artemis Fowl

As a fantasy and sci-fi lover, I’m a big fan of series that feature characters with inexplicably cool powers fighting against massive conspiracies, government agencies, or other evil forces. Michael Vey reminds me a lot of two of my favorite series — Maximum Ride and Artemis Fowl, both of which deal with similar premises. If you’re a fan of either of those books and looking for your next fix, definitely give Michael Vey a shot!

7. It’s a book from a great literary family

Richard Paul Evans is a prolific writer, having written seventeen consecutive New York Times bestsellers — so you know he knows his stuff. He’s also the father of Jenna Evans Welch, author of Love & Gelato — another one of my favorite books! With credentials like that, you know you’re going to be in for a good series.

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