10 Thoughts I Had While Looking at the Zero Repeat Forever Cover

September 7, 2017
Sam Benson
Riveted Editorial Board

Judging books by the cover is my favorite thing to do! I know everyone tells us we’re not supposed to do it, but it’s just so fun! Nothing will make me pick up a book like a good cover, and Zero Repeat Forever by G.S. Prendergast has a seriously amazing one. You have to check this one out in person, because the picture you see online really pales in comparison to the real thing.


1. The first thing I notice is it’s SO SHINY. The black background is matte with shiny accents, making those bits really pop.

2. I’m trying to figure out the image in the middle and I think I’ve settled on the fact that it’s a dandelion in an orb being overtaken by some silver goo. (Any other intepretations?)

3. The title is absolutely gorgeous! I love the use of the arrows in it. It’s super subtle, which makes it even better.

4. Turning it over, the spine is definitely my favorite part. It’s also so shiny, but also cool and geometric looking. This will look AMAZING on bookshelves.

5. On the back, there’s a small excerpt, which is also being overtaken by silver goo. I wonder if this silver goo has any sort of significance?

6. The excerpt is only four sentences, but OH MY GOD now I want to read this book. It sounds like there’s a romance and I’m all for that.

7. I love running my hands over this matte cover. It feels so soft.

8. Now opening the book to read the inside flap, there’s more shiny! (I’m sensing a theme here).

9. And then when you take the dust jacket off to look at the spine, there’s even more shiny.

10…I’m going to go home and read this right now!

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