Shadowhunters 101: What is a Shadowhunter?

September 6, 2017
Janine Perez
Riveted Editorial Board

What is a Shadowhunter?

ShadowhuntersShadowhunters (also known as Nephilim) are the appointed warriors on Earth of the Angel Raziel. They are appointed specifically to control and preside over the demons and supernatural creatures that reside in our world. A thousand years ago Raziel bestowed the tools to accomplish this task. These tools are:

  • The Mortal Instruments—used so Shadowhunters may know truth, speak with angels, and make more of their kind
  • The country of Idris—where Shadowhunters live away from demons and the mundane world
  • The Book of Raziel (or “Gray Book”)—used by Shadowhunters to access the magic of angels to protect and augment themselves

Raziel gave these gifts to the first Nephilim, Jonathan Shadowhunter—the Shadowhunter namesake.

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