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8 Reasons to Read Zero Repeat Forever

August 29, 2017
Diego Molano Rodriguez
Riveted Editorial Board

Zero Repeat Forever by G.S. Prendergast is on sale now and YOU HAVE TO READ IT! This incredible book takes place during an alien invasion of Earth by a species known as the Nahx, and centers on the relationship between Raven and Eighth, a human and alien invader. I’m obsessed with this book and am excited for this dystopian sci-fi story to finally invade the world! I need more people to talk to me about this book, so I’ve decided to put together a list of reasons why you need to pick it up immediately!

1. Dual Perspective Storytelling

Told in alternating chapters from the perspectives of Raven and Eighth, Zero Repeat Forever creates a fully immersive universe for the reader. To add in another wrinkle, Eighth is a non verbal character, communicating completely through alien sign language. The fantastic writing style really brings through this unique element of the character.

2. Unique Male Protagonist

Eighth brings to mind such classic characters as John Merrick in The Elephant Man, and Frankenstein’s Monster. Sensitive, confused, misunderstood, and filled with more existential angst than a high school freshman,  he will be a favorite for YA fans for years to come.

3. Tough, Heartfelt, Female Protagonist

Raven is no wilting flower. When the Nahx invasion begins, she is all for taking up arms against the invaders. Tough, smart, and trained in martial arts, Raven is a force to be reckoned with. Her fierce loyalty to the people that she loves is evident from the start of the book, and the impotent rage that she feels being away from those she loves as the alien invasion begins is both heart wrenching and realistic. 

4. Beauty and the Beast Meets The Fifth Wave

The tight blend of sci-fi action with the budding relationship between Raven and Eighth will appeal to fans of varied genres!

5. Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe’s stories are heavily referenced throughout the book, even within the title. Searching for them as you work through the book is a fun scavenger hunt for any Edgar Allen Poe fan!

6. Tender Love Story

Eighth and Raven are incredibly different characters. The tenderness that develops between the two of them is  both touching and surprisingly relatable. The pitfalls of intimacy are laid bare with an ultimate opposites story – you can’t get much different than an alien invader and one of the humans he was hunting. I dare you to try to get through this book without getting just a little bit misty eyed.

7. The Cover


 Now, I’m usually not one to look at a book’s style over its substance, but we have GOT to talk about that cover. Blending slick metallic foil with matte black and depicting the dual organic and bionic nature of the protagonists, it’s sure to catch your eye even without all these other reasons to read. 

8. Invaders

Earth is being invaded! The world is falling apart! This book is essentially the perfect recipe for adventure and excitement.


This is just a small sampler of the smorgasbord of reasons why you should read this book. A stellar combination of romance and sci-fi action, it is sure to be a hit with readers everywhere. So check out Zero Repeat Forever by G.S. Prendergast!

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