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Which Artifact Calls to You?

August 4, 2017
Lisa Maxwell
Author of The Last Magician
In The Last Magician, the order depends on 5 artifacts and stones for their power. At some point in their history, they were imbued with some sort of magic. The stones call to Mageus, who can sense their power, and Mageus can use the stones to focus their power (if you want to find out if you’re Mageus, take this quiz).

Our main character, Esta, carries Ishtar’s Key, one of the artifacts, and uses it to help her slip through the layers of time. But the stones are an unknown. Because the Order has kept them guarded for so long, no one is completely sure how they work or what they might have the power to do. Still, one thing is clear—they can make any Mageus more powerful.

Which will you seek?

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