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8 Amazing YA Moms!

May 15, 2017
Jess Harold
Riveted Editorial Board

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, so now that you’ve given her flowers, presents, and brunch (or breakfast in bed), it’s time to remember that pretty much every day should be mother’s day, because moms do so much and are often overlooked or misunderstood. I’ve decided to share my favorite YA moms with you, in the hopes that in seeing the strength of these fictional moms, you’ll take a better look at the strength present in your real mom(s). It took longer than I would have liked to find the right ladies for this list, as it’s easier to find bad parents, or no parents at all in teen lit. But for all the absentee parenting I’ve read, there are some real titans of motherhood to celebrate in literature. In honor of all the amazing moms out there, take a look at the list below!

The Lightning Thiefby Rick Riordan

SALLY JACKSON All parents of demigods need to read Sally’s parenting book. Percy barely knows his way around Camp Half Blood before he hears about the other demigods whose mortal parents literally refuse to see their godly children, let alone will save them from a Minotaur.

If I Stayby Gayle Forman

KAT HALL So keeping with the traditions of the genre, Kat doesn’t make it to the end of the book. But the flashbacks throughout the novel show that she and Mia have an amazing mother/daughter relationship. From jokes about a Yo-Yo Ma mosh pit to sneaking Mia into a casino, Kat has definitely earned her spot on this list.

Harry Potter Seriesby J.K. Rowling

MOLLY WEASLEY No list is truly complete without Molly “Not my daughter, you bitch!” Weasley. We’ve all wondered what it would have been like having her as a mother, with good reason. From her ability to bear and raise seven very ginger children and still make room for their friends (and irritating French fiancées), to her badass magic skills—used for household chores, clock making, and dueling megalomaniac goth witches, she stands apart from the rest. LILY POTTER Not only was she the Smartest Witch of Her Age before it was cool, but she clearly had the patience of a saint to keep James and Sirius together in the same house. And remember that time her love and sacrifice protected her son for 16 years??

Pride and Prejudiceby Jane Austen

MRS. BENNETT A single-minded social climber for a mother doesn’t sound like a top candidate, but Mrs. Bennett is both exasperating and endearing in this literary classic. She understands the social limitations women face, and is determined to see them all taken care of the only way she can: by marrying them into wealthy families. (I’m also incredibly fond of Brenda Blethyn’s acting in the 2005 film adaptation.)

Life By Committeeby Corey Ann Haydu

CATE Tabitha’s mom had her when she was still a teenager herself, and has had 16 years to perfect the balance between friend and mother. Cate imparts some of her free-spiritedness to Tab, and though she has problems of her own, she still makes times for the many problems in her daughter’s life.

Anne of Green Gablesby L.M. Montgomery

MARILLA While she would never call herself a mother, Anne’s love transformed her in a way that only caregivers understand. We’re excited to see how Netflix treats her in their new series, Anne with an E!

A Wrinkle in Timeby Madeleine L'Engle

DR. KATHERINE MURRAY I know she goes by Mrs. Murray in the book, but Meg’s fears of not living up to her mother’s successes don’t stop with her looks. Katherine is a microbiologist who raises the precocious Murray children by herself after her husband goes missing on a secret government project. Despite her children’s peculiarities, she appreciates each of them separately and together, and still manages to have dinner on the table in time.

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