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Hats off to Lara Jean

May 2, 2017
Julie Jarema
Riveted Editorial Board

Between homework, college applications, volunteering at the nursing home, boy drama, baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and the usual senior year shenanigans, who has time to craft up a DIY graduation cap? Lara Jean, of course. She makes sure to add a special touch to her cap before she marches across the stage and says goodbye to high school.

Here are some caps to inspire you to graduate in true Lara Jean style. While you’re decorating your cap and waiting for the big day to cross the stage to receive your hard-earned piece of paper, you can read the extended excerpt of the highly anticipated Always and Forever, Lara Jean—the last book in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han.

Riveted - Lara Jean 1

Sweet, shiny, and topped with a bow


Lara Jean 3

For the Hamilton obsessed who aren’t throwing away their shot to sneak a reference in


Lara Jean 5

Turn that nostalgia into a burst of sparkly optimism


Riveted - Lara Jean 4

Lace trim will make your cap as decadent as Lara Jean’s desserts


 Riveted - Lara Jean 7

Is it ever really, though?

(That time that Lara Jean and Josh matched Halloween costumes and Peter K. didn’t catch any Harry Potter references)


Riveted - Lara Jean 8

The series is over 🙁


Riveted - Lara Jean 2

If you collect antiques and trinkets like Lara Jean, this hat might be the one for you


Riveted - Lara Jean 6

Add in a flower crown to match the book covers’ aesthetic


Riveted - Lara Jean 9

Stick those learned life lessons on a cap


Riveted - Lara Jean 10

For the dreamers


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