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Suzanne Young’s Writing Space

by The Riveted Team

ICYMI, it’s Suzanne Young Week! Well, here on Riveted, at least! We’re HUGE fans of The Program series and we’re SO excited the fifth book, The Adjustment is on sale this week! Aside from this week’s featured reads (The Program, The Adjustment, and Just Like Fate), be on the lookout for more fun Suzanne Young-related content […]

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Author Guest Post

Amber Smith’s Writing Space

by Amber Smith

The New York Times Bestseller The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith (available as an extended excerpt until March 20th), is an incredible story of trauma, love, relationships, and life. We at Riveted can’t get enough of the book or the brilliance that is Amber Smith. That’s why we wanted to get a deeper look into […]

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