Trish Doller


Is Two Months Enough Time to Save a Friendship?

by The Riveted Team

Have you ever had to have the tough conversation about whether or not a relationship should end? That’s exactly what happens in Start Here. Willa and Taylor spend the summer sailing from Ohio to Key West, following a list of clues left by their best friend who recently passed away. They have two months and two […]

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Author Guest Post

Behind the Book: In a Perfect World

by Trish Doller

All of my novels have had different origins. Something Like Normal began with the voice of a Marine who wouldn’t go away until I wrote his story. Where the Stars Still Shine came about after I visited Tarpon Springs, a place so interesting and strange that I knew I needed to drop a character into […]

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Reasons to Read

5 Reasons to Read In a Perfect World

by Casey Nugent

I just finished reading In a Perfect World, the new Trish Doller novel, and I have to tell you guys that I am officially obsessed with this book. It tells the story of Caroline Kelly, an Ohio teenager who’s suddenly forced to relocate to Cairo, Egypt the summer before senior year when her mother gets […]

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