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Which Thriller Should You Read Next?

by The Riveted Team

Which Thriller Should You Read Next? If you’re a fan of suspenseful, pulse-pounding books that set your nerves on edge then we have the perfect quiz for you! We’ve rounded up some of our most thrilling new YA books that you’ll want to devour in one sitting. Which one are you adding to your TBR? […]

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Book List

5 Creepy YA Books for Fans of Stephen King

by Sarah Jane Abbott

Stephen King is truly having a moment. From Hollywood movie adaptions like The Dark Tower and It to TV shows like Mr. Mercedes to his bestselling new novel Sleeping Beauties, cowritten with his son Owen, his work truly is everywhere. But what should you do once you’ve seen the adaptions and read the books and are looking […]

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9 Haunting & Mysterious Disappearances

by Julie Jarema

In A Void the Size of the World, Abby runs away into the woods behind her house and disappears. I’ve never been worried about going missing, but this book definitely left new thoughts and fears lingering on in my mind. In an effort to deal with this continuing paranoia, I fell down an internet rabbit […]

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Reasons to Read

6 Reasons to Read Here Lies Daniel Tate

by Janine Perez

If you haven’t started reading Here Lies Daniel Tate by Cristin Terrill, you aren’t living your best life now! Check out the book description, then let me explain exactly why this book is AMAZING! It seems too good to be true when Daniel Tate, missing since he was abducted from one of California’s most elite private […]

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