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8 Books to Read in a Thunderstorm

by Jess Harold

There is so much you can do to stay inside on a rainy day, but is there anything better than curling up on a dark and stormy night (or morning, or afternoon!) with a cup of tea and a brand-new book? If there is, we haven’t found it. Sometimes all you need to do is […]

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13 Survival Novels That Taught Us to Fear & Respect the Wilderness

by Jill Hacking

If there’s one thing I love a ridiculous amount, it’s survival stories—whether that be surviving post-apocalyptic zombies or surviving the elements on a wilderness adventure gone awry. There’s something really compelling about the human will to survive against insane obstacles. It’s especially nice to experience this ultimate sense of danger from the safety of my […]

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5 Books You Must Read If You Are an X-Files Fan

The X-Files
by Danielle Finnegan

When something is good, it’s good. The X-Files (WHICH IS FINALLY BACK ON TV) is a show filled with creepy plots, government conspiracy, and everything you love about science fiction and fantasy. Whether you just finished watching (or re-watching) the series, or are waiting in between new episodes, here is the perfect list of book to […]

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News You Need

Cover Reveal: This Mortal Coil

by The Riveted Team

Yes Riveted Readers, we have ANOTHER Fall 2017 cover reveal for you! This one’s the last one (for the moment, at least!) and this is one we have been DYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT FOR MONTHS! We are ecstatic to be revealing the cover for one of our most anticipated Fall reads, Emily Suvada’s debut novel, […]

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