The Rattled Bones

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The Perfect Book for your Summer Job

by Amy Hendricks

We’re almost halfway through summer, which hopefully means plenty of fun in the sun with a good book close at hand! Unless you’re running up a big ice cream bill, and “fun in the sun” time has inevitably turned into “work your summer job” time until school starts back up. While toiling away at a […]

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Gift Books for the Stephen King Fan

by The Riveted Team

Whether you’re a big Stephen King fan, or you know someone who is, we’ve got you covered! If you like things that go bump in the night and having to read with all the lights on, this spooky giveaway is for you! Don’t miss your shot to enter for a chance to win these 6 […]

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Reasons to Read

5 Reasons to Read The Rattled Bones

The Rattled Bones by S.M. Parker
by Sam Benson

I fell into a pretty bad reading slump a while back. You know what I’m talking about: it’s that feeling of not being able to find anything that really grabs your interest, even as you have a TBR pile a mile high to read. It was a particularly hard time for me because I’m someone who usually […]

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My Predictions: The Rattled Bones

by Jill Hacking

Guess who’s back and ready to spoil another book with her powers of prediction? Me, obvs. Honestly, I’m getting so good at it that I don’t even have to read books anymore. Well ok, I still do, but it’s just to prove that I’m right. Or *ahem* ok…so maybe I wasn’t exactly right last time…but […]

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