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7 Books for the Resistance

by Sam Benson

If there’s anything YA has taught me over the years, it’s that teenagers are the ones who have the guts to speak out against oppressors and fight back. They see the injustices in their worlds and know something must be done to change things. In these books for the Resistance, evil governments have all of […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Reading A New Genre

by Lili Feinberg

There is one solid truth when it comes to bookworms that nobody can deny: we’re all amazing and have amazing taste in books. With that said, everyone’s taste is different. We may find ourselves naturally gravitating towards one genre and avoiding others because they’re out of our comfort zone. Well, sometimes we all have to […]

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6 Electrifying Science Fiction Reads for Newbies

by Amy Hendricks

If you’ve ever wanted to dive into the sci-fi genre but haven’t known where to start, look no further! The six books below are full of intriguing plots, scientific adventures, futuristic elements, and even a little romance. These page-turners all manage to be entertaining without getting overwhelmingly difficult to comprehend, and they’ll definitely leave you […]

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5 Books You Need to Read If You Love STRANGER THINGS

Stranger Things
by Jess Harold

If you’ve devoured both seasons of Stranger Things and need something else to keep you up late at night, we’ve totally got you covered. Here are some amazing books that can fill the Demogorgon-sized hole in your life. 1. The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza by Shaun David Hutchinson Science can explain the unique circumstances of […]

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News You Need

Cover Reveal: The Complication

by The Riveted Team

We’ve had an amazing week celebrating Suzanne Young! Suzanne shared a trailer her students made for The Adjustment with us, introduced us to her dogs and showed us where she writes, and gave us insightful backstory to The Program series and how all of the books fit together. Plus, we’re running a sweepstakes for The […]

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