The Potion Diaries

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Witch Sabrina is Your Reading Muse?

by Thandi Jackson

ALERT! ALERT! Netflix has just released a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it’s so good! Do you remember the one from back in the day, though? The old Sabrina with Melissa Joan Hart and our favorite talking, black cat Salem, and a love triangle going on with all that magic. Yet, the new Sabrina, […]

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The Potion Diaries Scavenger Hunt

by Julie Jarema

Samantha Kemi comes from a long line of skilled alchemists, gifted in concocting potions together to cure all sorts of ailments. In The Potion Diaries, Sam finds herself racing to find a list of obscure items (everything from merpearls to pink jasmine) in order to create a cure for Princess Evelyn, who has accidentally fallen in […]

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Bookish Playlist

The Potion Diaries Soundtrack

by Amy Alward

Here are the songs that either inspired the idea behind The Potion Diaries or helped me while I was writing it! These songs are near and dear to my heart— ‘Black Magic,’ especially, because it was released by Little Mix about the same time that The Potion Diaries launched. It seemed like serendipity! I mean, just look at […]

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