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18 Books That Will Make You Cry

by Casey Nugent

Is there anything better than a good cry? The emotional release I get from crying is so deeply satisfying that it can power me for days. There are so many books out there that move me to tears — because they’re particularly sad, or because they’re incredibly joyful, or because they just cut to the […]

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28 Engrossing Contemporary Novels to Read Right Now

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
by Sam Benson

There is nothing better than a good contemporary read. Sure, I sometimes love to whisk myself away to fantasy worlds or immerse myself in books that show us a glimpse of what life was like a few hundred years ago, but usually, it’s the contemporary books that strike me the most. I connect with them […]

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The Best of 2018!

by The Riveted Team

We’ve had some truly amazing books come to life in 2018! Even though all of them make us proud, these books have made the list of some pretty iconic Best-Of lists. We’re so excited to share them with you, and will keep updating this post as more lists are released! Were these books also your […]

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