The Nowhere Girls


11 Books to Read for Women’s History Month

by Caroline Osborn

Did you know that Women’s History Month began as Women’s History…Week? In 1987, we finally got upgraded to the full month, and thank goodness! There are so many inspiring women to read about, even a month is never going to cover it. From Louisa May Alcott to Edmonia Lewis, Margaret Sanger to Margarita Engle, women […]

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4 Book Recs Based on Your Fave K-Pop Group

by Devin MacDonald

Whether you managed to snag tickets to see your idols this Spring or got trapped in that endless queue (and still aren’t over it 😭), we’ve got just the thing for you now that the stress about seating charts is over. Check out these four books that totally fit your fave group’s concept: 1. BTS […]

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9 Standalone Novels You Can Read in One Sitting

by Nicole Fiorica

Picture this: you’re five pages from the end of an amazing book. You’ve been reading all night, and you’re almost at the end. Then you realize – this story isn’t wrapping up any time soon. There’s going to be a sequel. So now you’re going to be lying awake at night contemplating the dubious fates […]

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Cover Reveal: The Nowhere Girls

by The Riveted Team

So remember when we posted the cover reveal for This Mortal Coil last Tuesday and we said it was the last reveal? We lied. Not intentionally, of course—we’d never deliberately deceive you good readers of Riveted—but there always seems to be one more upcoming book waiting in the wings for it’s reveal moment. THIS one […]

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