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Trilogies You Can Binge Before the Year Ends

Books Read and Unread
by Brian Murray

Media binging has become an essential activity during these past few months. While many of us have blown through multiple seasons of television or held our own movie marathons, right now is the perfect time to relax, unwind with a good story, and catch up on your TBR. So why not knock three out in […]

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Second Books in a Series That Live Up to the First

by Casey Nugent

There are many, many instances where the sequel is as good as ­— if not better than ­—  the original. I mean, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back anyone? As a well-documented lover of sequels, I am here to offer my defense of the second novel. More than the unloved middle child in a trilogy, […]

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What Are the Swoonworthiest Shadowhunter Scenes?

by The Riveted Team

We asked and you delivered, Shadowhunter fans! We wanted to know how you ranked the swoonworthiest Shadowhunter scenes, and overwhelmingly you picked the ones below. Don’t see your favorite moment? Not to worry, there were so many on your list, we couldn’t include them all! Art by hauntedduckprincess Art by books-are-my-life17  Art by Loweana […]

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Which Shadowhunter Series Would You Star In?

by Janine Perez

Through her Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, and Dark Artifices series, Cassandra Clare has blessed us with the world of the Shadowhunters. It’s wonderful to have so many ways to enter this magical world, but it’s also nice that each series is unique. They’ve each got their own amazing characters, dangerous situations, and individual storylines. As a reader, I enjoy […]

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Our Favorite Dark Artifices Fan Art!

good books for teens
by Sam Benson

Is it possible to have too much fan art? I don’t think so! Last week, I shared some of my favorite fan art based on Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices series, and the week before I rounded up some of my favorites for The Mortal Instruments. Now it’s time for The Dark Artifices! With the latest release in Cassandra Clare’s […]

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