The Cold is in Her Bones

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7 Books to Read With Complicated Family Dynamics

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by Francie Crawford

Families can be difficult. They can be frustrating and complicated and messy. No one’s family is perfect, but the families in these books will remind you just how difficult relatives can be, and in some cases, just how much worse life would be without them. 7 Books to Read With Complicated Family Dynamics 1. Five […]

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Must-Read Books That Went on Sale in January 2019

by Amanda Livingston

Every January, with the start of the new year, we find ourselves making resolutions, promising that this year will be better than the last. Since 2018 kicked all of our butts, mentally, emotionally, and physically, I think we were all in dire need of a fresh start and new books!. So, a happy (albeit, belated) […]

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9 Complicated Female Friendship Stories in YA Novels

by Sam Benson

Everyone who has had a friend knows that things are not always easy. Often times, as we grow and change, so do our relationships. In YA, we see a lot of examples of female friendships that are nuanced and complicated. These books show the ups and downs you can have with your friends instead of […]

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4 Books With Mysterious Family Curses

by Jasmine Hodge

Even though we love them, family can be complicated, though hopefully no one here has to deal with hauntings, huntings, and family curses that span generations. Here’s a list of books that include cursed families and all the trouble – and teamwork – that comes with them. Because really, in the end, who else would […]

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Enter the #ShelfQueens Sweepstakes

by The Riveted Team

With Slayer, the first of our Shelf Queen novels, coming out in early January, we couldn’t wait to meet the rest of these ruling ladies! We’re so excited that we’re holding a sweepstakes! Enter the #ShelfQueens Sweepstakes The prize includes advanced reader copies of: Slayer by Kiersten White The Cold Is in Her Bones by […]

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