The Adjustment


My Predictions: The Adjustment

by Jill Hacking

I’m really good at predicting plots. Like, so much so that my roommate doesn’t binge watch stuff with me anymore because I always call the thing right before it happens (Cause I’m the worst. Sorry roommate!). So, prepare yourselves because I am going to take a whack at The Adjustment. My credentials: I have read […]

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Author Guest Post

“To us, The Program is forever”

by Suzanne Young

I started writing The Program at the end of 2010, and it hit stores nearly two years later. When I first subbed it for publication, it was a stand-alone novel—the ending a moment where Sloane crushes the orange pill on the porch, and she and James drive off, never to think of the past again. […]

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The Program Series Giveaway!

Read Free Books Online: The Program: Suzanne Young
by The Riveted Team

It’s day three of our Suzanne Young week and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a giveaway! Suzanne Young has given us some amazing literary experiences. She’s creeped us out in the best ways possible in Hotel for the Lost, helped us realize what’s really important in All in Pieces, and […]

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Suzanne Young’s Writing Space

by The Riveted Team

ICYMI, it’s Suzanne Young Week! Well, here on Riveted, at least! We’re HUGE fans of The Program series and we’re SO excited the fifth book, The Adjustment is on sale this week! Aside from this week’s featured reads (The Program, The Adjustment, and Just Like Fate), be on the lookout for more fun Suzanne Young-related content […]

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