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Summery Reads to Keep You Warm this Winter

by Annika Voss

The holidays have passed but winter is still here. Even though the groundhog hasn’t seen her shadow yet, we will most likely have six more weeks of winter. So if the cold has you day dreaming of warmer weather, then I have some book recs for you! Summery Reads to Keep You Warm this Winter […]

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Quizzes & Polls

Pick a Dessert and We’ll Give You a Book!

by Vanessa DeJesus

What’s better than a good dessert? The perfect book to go along with it! Take this quiz to find out the PERFECT companion for your favorite sweet! (We promise you won’t be disappointed–after all, there’s sugar involved.) Not a fan of desserts? Try this quiz where you can pick your favorite kitten and get a […]

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Summer in New York City Giveaway!

by The Riveted Team

Travel through New York City without leaving the comfort of your favorite reading nook with the Summer in New York City Giveaway! Journey up to the Bronx, through Manhattan, down to Brooklyn, and everywhere in between. You can even take a trip to the NYC of the 1900s! As you go on your adventure, you’ll explore the […]

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