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Limitless Love for These Limitless Bookstagrams Photos

by Kate Bouchard

We cannot stop talking about how gorgeous Leah Tinari’s Limitless book is! According to Instagram, it looks like people agree that this book is just photogenic in every way, in any background. We love the words and inspiring women inside the pages, and we Just. Can’t. Stop. Looking at it! Limitless Love for These Limitless […]

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Behind the Book

5 Under-the-Radar Female Role Models We Learned About from Limitless

by Natasha Puetz

Powerful women are everywhere…we just don’t always hear about them. Take a moment and learn about these five women who changed the course of history. 5 Under-the-Radar Female Role Models We Learned About from Limitless  Gilda Radner – American Comedian Despite battling multiple disorders during her lifetime, Gilda quickly became an extremely influential woman in […]

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YA Women Who Have Our Vote!

by Katy Hershberger

Today is Election Day! I hit the polls first thing this morning, coffee in hand, and I’m stoked about exercising my democratic right to vote for the leader of the free world. (If you’re 18 or older, I hope you’re doing the same thing!) YA books aren’t historically very political, but since the news has […]

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