Which Shadowhunters Series Do You Belong In?

by The Riveted Team

As a fan of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters books, you’ve probably pictured yourself fighting demons (or hiding and reading) alongside your favorite characters. But which of the Shadowhunters series do you most belong in? Take this quiz to find out! Which Shadowhunters Series Do You Belong In? Not sure where to start reading? Check out our […]

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How Well Do You Know the Shadowhunter Runes?

by Janine Perez

No Shadowhunter training is complete without an extensive knowledge of runes! They’re pretty much good for everything and it’s important to know as many as possible because you never know when you’ll need a specific one to get you out of a dangerous situation. The best Shadowhunters study for years to learn all the runes they […]

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Lord of Shadows Pre-Order Giveaway!

good books for teens
by The Riveted Team

Ok, all you fellow Shadowhunters-at-heart, ICYMI, we’ve got great news! We know that you’ve probably been waiting for Lord of Shadows since the moment you finished reading Lady Midnight (because SAME). We know that in anticipation of Lord of Shadows, chances are good you pre-ordered it as soon as you realized you could (again…SAME). You might […]

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