Shades of Darkness

Behind the Book

On the Inspiration for Shades of Darkness

by A.R. Kahler

Every author wishes they could say their book came to them fully formed. But the sad truth is, that’s usually not the case. Shades of Darkness came to me in that strange place between waking and sleeping that I normally disregard. I was living Scotland, it was two AM, I had insomnia, and the phrase “the […]

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Exclusive Content

Spring 2017 Cover Reveals Day 10 | Echoes of Memory by A.R. Kahler

by The Riveted Team

It’s our final day of #RivetedRevealSP17! For our grand finale we’re revealing the cover of Echoes of Memory, book two in the Ravenborn series, sequel to A.R. Kahler’s Shades of Darkness! About Echoes of Memory: In the aftermath of the deaths plaguing Islington’s campus, a terrible pall has fallen over the students. Kaira is passed-out sick, and Chris—the only witness to […]

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