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13 Survival Novels That Taught Us to Fear & Respect the Wilderness

by Jill Hacking

If there’s one thing I love a ridiculous amount, it’s survival stories—whether that be surviving post-apocalyptic zombies or surviving the elements on a wilderness adventure gone awry. There’s something really compelling about the human will to survive against insane obstacles. It’s especially nice to experience this ultimate sense of danger from the safety of my […]

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Do You Like Zoo by James Patterson? Try This!

by Sarah Jane Abbott

Prepare for the perfect storm! If you like:   Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge or Storm of the Century by Stephen King Try: Savage by Thomas E. Sniegoski Why? In Savage, a small New England island is hit by a devastating storm that has a violent effect on its animals. If James Patterson’s Zoo and Stephen King’s […]

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Exciting Books of Survival and Adventure

great books for teens
by Catherine Hayden

As a kid, I loved books about survival and adventure—stories where teens, just like me, had to battle the elements and use their skills and wits to get out of life or death situations. Like many kids who weren’t generally allowed to go out and do crazy things, I had an appetite for excitement that could only […]

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Summer 2017 Cover Reveals Day 5

by The Riveted Team

It’s Day Five of our Summer 2017 cover reveals (#RivetedRevealSU17)! Today we’re excited to reveal Monstrous by Thomas E. Sniegoski (May 30, 2017) and Murder Among the Stars by Adam Shankman and Laura L. Sullivan (June 13, 2017). One might be described using words like “thriller,” “horror,” and “invasion;” the other: “Tinseltown,” “romance,” and “movie […]

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10 Animals to Avoid in the World of Savage

by Janine Perez

If you haven’t heard of the book Savage yet, allow me to do the honor of introducing you to my worst nightmare: In Savage a storm hits the small island of Benediction and turns all the animals into instruments of terror and death. As someone who specializes in regularly thinking of impossible worst-case-scenarios, I can tell […]

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