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Like Hellworld by Tom Leveen? Try This!

by Jill Hacking

Like This? Try This! Why? One of the things I loved about Hellword was the strange connection of the two main characters. Abby joins forces with her long-time crush Charlie to find their parents who disappeared in a New Mexico cave while filming their paranormal investigative TV show. Charlie and Abby don’t have a whole […]

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7 Cryptids We Secretly Believe are Real

by Casey Nugent

Samantha Berger, the protagonist of Sasquatch, Love, and Other Imaginary Things finds her parents completely embarrassing. But her parents aren’t the usual brand of whipping-out-the-baby-photos-to-boyfriends humiliating — they’re Bigfoot hunters who spend most of their weeks trekking through the wilds of Ohio in search of the illusive Sasquatch. To make matters even more blush-inducing for […]

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Calling All Bigfoot Believers!

by Julie Jarema

Sasquatches are real! Or at least, they are in Jennifer Park’s new YA novel The Shadows We Know by Heart. IRL, though? Well, let’s just say The Shadows We Know by Heart protagonist Leah isn’t the only one claiming to have spotted these legendary creatures—hundreds of people across the United States have reported Sasquatch sightings. […]

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Quizzes & Polls

Poll: Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

by Janine Perez

In The Shadows We Know By Heart by Jennifer Park, Leah has a secret: sasquatches are real, and she’s been watching a trio of them in the woods behind her house for years. Leah would hardly be the first person in history to have a sasquatch sighting. In fact, sightings of hairy, nude, and ridiculously strong people living […]

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