Sasquatch Love and Other Imaginary Things

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9 Clever Retellings of Classic Stories

by Francie Crawford

Whether you love reading a book over and over or will only read it once, everyone loves the classics. This list is made up of some amazing retellings to rediscover your favorite tales, with just enough fresh and new ideas. Filled with just enough true-to-form detail that you’ll be wanting to read the classics again […]

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Like Try Why

Like Hellworld by Tom Leveen? Try This!

by Jill Hacking

Like This? Try This! Why? One of the things I loved about Hellword was the strange connection of the two main characters. Abby joins forces with her long-time crush Charlie to find their parents who disappeared in a New Mexico cave while filming their paranormal investigative TV show. Charlie and Abby don’t have a whole […]

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