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9 Books That Make You Want to Travel

by Francie Crawford

Summer is a time for travelers. It’s the time when the weather is beautiful and days are long and adventures seem to be right at the tips of your fingers. Whether you’re stuck and longing to travel or already on your flight, these books will take you wherever you want to go. 9 Books That […]

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Book List

4 Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in May 2019

by Annika Voss

Let’s be honest, May has to be one of the best months of the year. The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming and it’s made all the more better by the amazing books that released in May. If you haven’t added these must-reads to your TBR, stop what you’re doing right now and […]

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Enter the #RivetedRoadTrip Sweepstakes!

by The Riveted Team

Are you thinking about taking a road trip this summer? Imagining the wide open road, laughing with your friends in the car, arguing about what songs to add to that perfect road trip playlist? Or maybe you’re just looking for the perfect summer adventure book to read. Now that the warmer weather has arrived and […]

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