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9 Dystopias & “Utopias” You Must Read

Scythe by Neal Shusterman
by Janine Perez

Sometimes when real life gets tough, it’s fun to escape into a different world through a book. It’s nice to concentrate on other people’s problems once in a while. Here are some worlds to escape to that will leave you feeling like our real world isn’t quite so bad after all. 9 Dystopias & “Utopias” You […]

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Floating Cities for Space Cadets

by Diego Molano Rodriguez

Have you ever been accused of “living in the clouds?” If you’re a total space cadet like me, this is probably a constant refrain from parents, teachers, bosses, and significant others. Well, if our heads are always in clouds, maybe we should look for a city in the clouds to live in! In honor of […]

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