Find Out Who Won the #ParabataiPlayoffs!

by Emily Ritter

Which parabatai pair from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters books is the ultimate fan-favorite? We want to find out! Each week, you voted, and below you’ll see which pair won in the #ParabataiPlayoffs. Find out Who Won the #ParabataiPlayoffs! Here are the winners of Round 1! Here are the winners of Round 2! It was a close […]

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7 Fictional Would-Be Parabatai

by The Riveted Team

I’ve been reading (or really rereading) Lord of Shadows and thinking a LOT about parabatai. Emma and Jules’ relationship in Lord of Shadows takes some complicated turns, but at the end they’re always going to be parabatai, and that’s a bond that lasts forever. Honestly, parabatai are one of my favorite things about the world […]

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