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15 Books to Read for Women’s History Month

by Caroline Osborn

Did you know that Women’s History Month began as Women’s History…Week? In 1987, we finally got upgraded to the full month, and thank goodness! There are so many inspiring women to read about, even a month is never going to cover it. From Louisa May Alcott to Edmonia Lewis, Margaret Sanger to Margarita Engle, women […]

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7 Must-Read Books for Budding Feminists

by Natasha Puetz

Feminists unite! Check out these titles about totally rad women doing awesome things, and be inspired to be and do anything to make this world a better place! 7 Must-Reads Books for Budding Feminists 1. After the Ink Dries by Cassie Gustafson What does it mean when you thought you knew someone? What does it […]

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