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8 Books That Take Place in New York City

by Gabrielle Chang

As a native and current New Yorker, I often feel jaded by the city from being caught in crowds of tourists, to unwelcoming critters skittering across the train platform, and the rancid mysterious puddles on the ground. At the same time, I am comforted knowing that there will always be endless charm and discoveries waiting […]

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The Odds of Lightning—NYC Walking Tour

by Jocelyn Davies

In Jocelyn Davies’ The Odds of Lightning (which is currently one of our extended excerpts, read it while you can!), four former best friends unwittingly embark on an epic all-night adventure throughout New York City. Jocelyn recently followed in their footsteps and with the help of her sister, documented her journey! Read on to experience […]

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Time Traveling Through New York City

by Julie Jarema

Magic is basically extinct in the modern day New York of The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell. The Mageus, the few who have an affinity for magic, have to hide who they are. Esta has the power and training to set things right in order to save the Mageus from their hopeless future. She does […]

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