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23 YA Books Featuring Strong Female Characters

by Janine Perez

Some of my favorite female role models are fictional (though I’m not discounting the real ones!). These ladies are strong, independent, and inspirational. Oh, and they’re basically all badasses. Whether they’re physically, mentally, or emotionally strong (or all three), they’re characters that make me want to be the best that I can be. They’re interesting, complex, […]

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Like The Vampire Diaries? Try This!

by Jill Hacking

Like This? Try this! Why? First of all, both of these intoxicating sagas come from the same genius mind: L. J. Smith. The TV show Vampire Diaries is based on her book series of the same name. One thing I love about TVD is that there are so many storylines going on, and I’m invested […]

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