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8 YA Books for Music Lovers

by Caroline Osborn

Spotify playlists as courtship rituals. Driving with the windows rolled down and blasting the best song ever. Fantasies of falling in love with a glamorous, confident pop star—or becoming one yourself. From the clothes we wear to the friends we bond with, music defines so much of our young adulthoods. While we’re doing the hard […]

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Songs to Listen to While Reading

by Jasmine Hodge

I didn’t realize this was a hotly contested thing until I mentioned it during a Riveted Editorial Board meeting and everyone gasped, but I love listening to music while reading! See below for real life footage of everyone else at the table. Surprise! I prefer it, actually, and have done it for as long as […]

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The Victoria in My Head Playlist!

by Janine Perez

I can’t get The Victoria in My Head by Janelle Milanes out of my head (and I’m ok with that)! Victoria is one of the greatest characters I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet in YA and it’s definitely not just because we have so much in common *wink*. I’ve reread this book so many times and […]

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