looking for alaska

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6 Books for the John Green Fan

by Jainita Patel

If you like Turtles All the Way Down…. ….. try Obsessed by Allison Britz Similar elements: mind health, narrative style It’s no secret that Turtles All the Way Down deals with OCD and anxiety in a way that is all too real. Another book that’s similar to this is Obsessed by Allison Britz. Both protagonists […]

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Like Looking for Alaska? Try This!

by Casey Nugent

Why? Boy follows Gavin Meeks, one of the cool kids at his high school. His life is an easy cycle of parties, snowboarding, girls, and easy-riding. But then Antoinette crash-lands at his high school. She’s different than most of the easy-going Evergreen High kids — she’s experienced tragedy first-hand, and she has a dark, dramatic […]

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