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Trilogies You Can Binge Before the Year Ends

Books Read and Unread
by Brian Murray

Media binging has become an essential activity during these past few months. While many of us have blown through multiple seasons of television or held our own movie marathons, right now is the perfect time to relax, unwind with a good story, and catch up on your TBR. So why not knock three out in […]

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9 Books to Read if You Like These Superheroes

by Annika Voss

I love superhero movies. Every time a new one comes out, I’m there opening weekend to see it. But I also love books and I’m currently literally surrounded by stacks of them, and that got me thinking, why not combine the two? So, if you, like me, ever wanted to know which book you should read based […]

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Witch Sabrina is Your Reading Muse?

by Thandi Jackson

ALERT! ALERT! Netflix has just released a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it’s so good! Do you remember the one from back in the day, though? The old Sabrina with Melissa Joan Hart and our favorite talking, black cat Salem, and a love triangle going on with all that magic. Yet, the new Sabrina, […]

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Exclusive Content

Let the Sky Fall Deleted Scenes

by The Riveted Team

Check out this deleted scene with commentary from the author, Shannon Messenger! Originally this sequence happened right after Audra triggers Vane’s Northerly and Southerly breakthroughs—and nearly loses him in the process—and drags him home all weak and pathetic. I thought Audra would be so worried about Vane that she wouldn’t be willing to leave him […]

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