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Affordable Bookish Holiday Gifts That Aren’t Books

by Brian Murray

Overcrowded bookshelves. An endless to-be-read pile. A picky reader. During the holidays, we love to show our bookish friends how much they mean to us, often with yet another book. But sometimes, gifting books year after year can be repetitive. This holiday, spice it up and go for something creative for that special reader in […]

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Which Character Are You from THE ODDS OF LIGHTNING?

by Tara Grieco

Friendships. Tumultuous, profound, vacillating….the importance and influence of a circle of friends may never be as significant in our lives as it is during the formative years of high school. In The Odds of Lightning, Tiny, Lu, Will and Nathaniel used to be best friends…until life-defining events tore them apart. But when fate weaves their […]

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Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble: Doppelgänger Dilemmas

by Julie Jarema

In this week’s featured read, The Storyspinner (available until April 3rd!), the Keepers are on a quest to find a princess. Disturbingly enough, in their search, murdered girls who look just like the princess keep turning up. Doppelgängers are archetypal in fairytales and gothic lit, but they also make their creepy (and sometimes hilarious) appearance in […]

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