Reasons to Read

Theater People are the WORST.

by Keri Horan

They have no redeeming qualities, really. First of all, they aren’t the least bit attractive. And they definitely can’t do amazing, super-hero-like things. They’re not uplifting, encouraging, or inspiring. At. All. And they’re not top-notch athletes either. They aren’t insanely talented. They might as well just go home. Because they aren’t some of the most accepting […]

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Everyone is Talking About Tim Federle

by The Riveted Team

Author Tim Federle is a man who can’t sit still. Literally. From his early days dancing, then choreographing on Broadway to writing about his experiences as a young dancer in Better Nate Than Ever and Five, Six, Seven Nate!, Federle has done much to accurately capture what it’s like to dream of performing on Broadway–and eventually achieving that dream. […]

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