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Choose Who Will Be on The Iron Throne and Get a Book Rec

by Caroline Osborn

Eight seasons of obsessing, discussing, arguing, theorizing, gasping, shipping, crying, cheering, and screaming at our TVs have come down to this: The final six episodes of Game of Thrones. It’s anyone’s guess who will actually sit on the Iron Throne when the final credits roll. But no matter who you’d bend the knee for, we […]

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The Riveted Team’s Dream Cosplay Characters

by Sarah Jane Abbott

In honor of our Summer of Nerds, the Riveted Editorial Board shared what our dream cosplay character would be for Comic Con if budget was not an issue.  Our answers spanned all different fandoms, for all different reasons.  What would your dream cosplay be?  Let us know in the comments!   Sarah: I would cosplay as Commander […]

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Bookish DIY

13 Nerdy Knitting & Crochet Patterns

by Sarah Jane Abbott

In my time as a knitter, I’ve noticed that there is a big overlap between the knitting/crocheting community and fandoms. Thankfully for nerdy knitters like me, there is no end to patterns for things I just have to have, like my very own sorting hat or set of Game of Thrones dragon eggs.  I’ve collected […]

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Riveted Original

7 Of Our Favorite Fictional Libraries

by Shifa Kapadwala

You know that super excited feeling you get when you enter a library? It’s like you’ve entered a land of possibilities and worlds just waiting to be explored! We’ve all got our ideal libraries that we’ve either seen or read about.  Below are some of our favorites! What are yours? Harry Potter Because of course, […]

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