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Covers That Give Us Heart Eyes

by Nicole Fiorica

We’ve been told since we were kids that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. And maybe that’s true. But I’m the sort of book lover who drags my begrudging friends through a bookstore just so I can pick up my favorite book (that I already own) and shove the cover into their faces and […]

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Book List

Class of 2018: Bookish Superlatives

by Lili Feinberg

The end of 2018 is nigh and as the sun sets on yet another year of fabulous bookish shenanigans it is time to take a look back at all that we’ve celebrated and to award Riveted by Simon Teen’s first ever roundup of superlatives! Class of 2018: Bookish Superlatives Most Likely to Survive the Hunger […]

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Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in November 2018

by Nicole Benevento

We are nearing the end of November! Thanksgiving, one of the most wonderful holidays, full of food and laughter and stories around the dinner table, is unfortunately over.  We hope you have recuperated after **stuffing** yourselves full of delicious treats (ha, get it??)  BUTTTT, if you haven’t and simply want to lay around in bed […]

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