Essential Maps for the Lost

Book List

6 Books for the John Green Fan

by Jainita Patel

If you like Turtles All the Way Down…. ….. try Obsessed by Allison Britz Similar elements: mind health, narrative style It’s no secret that Turtles All the Way Down deals with OCD and anxiety in a way that is all too real. Another book that’s similar to this is Obsessed by Allison Britz. Both protagonists […]

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Author Guest Post

The Quiet Power of Books

by Deb Caletti

Essential Maps for the Lost is about Madison Murray, who takes a swim one morning in a lake and collides with a woman’s dead body in the water. The woman, who leapt from a Seattle bridge, was the mother of Billy Youngwolf Floyd, and as Billy and Mads’ lives begin to intertwine, we discover their […]

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16 Essential Literary Maps for Bookworms

by Julie Jarema

Whenever I crack open a book and find a map, I know I’m in for an adventure. Plus, maps in books are incredibly helpful since they lay out fictional, imaginary worlds in a way that makes the story clearer for directionally-challenged people like me. I can’t read a real map to save my life, but in books, […]

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