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7 Books to Read If You Love Aliens

by Alissa Nigro

If you’ve been following the extraterrestrial news beat (and who isn’t?!) you may have heard about the Facebook event created to “Storm Area 51,” which is exactly what it sounds like: over two million people are “interested” in or “attending” a massive civilian storming of Area 51. So what is Area 51? Great question. Heard […]

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Book List

4 Must-Read Books That Went On Sale in April 2019

by Annika Voss

You know what they say, April showers bring… NEW BOOKS!! I’m sure we still have a few rainy days ahead of us, so if you’re looking for that perfect book to read by the window during a downpour then look no further! Check out these four must-read books that came out this month! 4 Must-Read […]

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This Author Tells Us About What It Means To Belong

by The Riveted Team

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? That’s exactly how Charlie Dickens, a high school outcast, feels. He spends his life hoping to be abducted by aliens in this funny, quirky novel about finding your footing in a world that sometimes feels like Mars. Justin Olson is here to tell you his reasons you’ll […]

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