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Unusual Names from YA Lit

by Sarah Jane Abbott

People used to look to celebrities for unusual and amusing baby names (my personal favorite, magician Penn Gilette’s daughter’s name, Moxie CrimeFighter). But here at Riveted, we say you need to look no further than the books on your shelf.  YA literature provides us with names to rival the creativity of any celebrity parent. Here, […]

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12 Days of Reading: Day 5!

by The Riveted Team

On the fifth day of reading, Riveted gave to me….The True Meaning of Cleavage by Mariah Fredericks! As part of the Riveted 12 Days of Reading, you have until December 31st to read this bad boy of a book, and let us tell you why you should: this book comes with a warning; you may […]

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Author Aaron Karo on ME YOU US

by The Riveted Team

Have you read the extended excerpt of Aaron Karo’s romantic comedy YA Me You Us that we’re currently featuring?  It’s only available until September 12, what are you waiting for?! Booklist described Me You Us as “a good choice for fans of John Green.” If that’s not a compelling enough endorsement to pique your interest, then […]

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