Brendan Kiely


7 New Books by Award-Winning Authors

by Alissa Nigro

I don’t know about you, but now that the Winter is finally at an end and we’re all putting our learning caps back on, I’m so excited for Spring vibes to start. But if you’re ready for some stories you can sink your teeth into, take a look at our round-up of new novels from […]

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Brendan Kiely’s Reasons to Be Riveted by Tradition

by The Riveted Team

Bestselling author Brendan Kiely’s new book, Tradition, is a rallying cry for all the rebels out there trying to figure out how to stand up for people who are being mistreated and make positive change in our society. Set at a boarding school with long-standing traditions that are harmful and need changing, Tradition follows the path of […]

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Author Guest Post

Two Road Trips—One Novel

by Brendan Kiely

The Last True Love Story, the latest from Brendan Kiely, critically acclaimed author of The Gospel of Winter and co-author of All American Boys, is finally available in paperback! A classic teen love story following two teens on a cross-country journey of the heart and soul, thematically The Last True Love Story is a departure […]

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